Who I am

​I am a mother of 5 beautifully grown children and I am currently finishing up my IT Degree program at SMCC this semester. The journey here as a student for the past 3 years and as an IT Workstudy student for the past 2, have been both fulfilling and inspiring. I look forward to a renewed future!

My Story

As a full time stay at home mom, I had some time on my hands to dabble in fixing and repairing our home's computer needs, which led to me becoming the family member everyone went to.  I found that I loved the whole computer world as it kept my mind busy problem solving and I never got bored! I have worked on family and friends computer needs for over 10 years, and started up my own small business doing computer repair. My decision to attain my Information Technology degree was based on the fact that I realized as a self taught tech I had a lot of gaps that I felt would be better filled if I sought education. I still run my small business part time, however, after all of the opportunities I have seen available to me as an IT degree student, I am considering entering the workforce in the field. I still am not bored nor sick of anything IT related. I find it all very entertaining and challenging. The only regret I have is that I did not pursue this direction much earlier in my life.


Christine Dunnells

Founder of Chrissy's PC Repair